Our LED Solutions are more sustainable than you think.

We at JUST also keep the topics of sustainability and environmental protection in mind throughout our entire value-added process.
Although there is no noticeable power or energy saving when using our LED solution during the operation of the luminaire, there are other factors that contribute to sustainability and environmental awareness.

In contrast to fluorescent lamps, lights equipped with our LED technology do not contain toxic mercury.
Mercury is a heavy metal, which emits poisonous vapors when it is released, which in larger quantities are harmful to health and especially to the environment. Although the mercury content in fluorescent lamps is so low that it has no effect on health if used correctly, fluorescent lamps must nevertheless be disposed of as toxic waste, as the substance is not degradable and can cause permanent environmental damage.

With regular tube replacement (every 2,500 operating hours), additional costs for the disposal of the fluorescent lamps in toxic waste are incurred in addition to the purchasing costs.
Our solution is therefore simple: replace your fluorescent lamp operated standard light unit with a JUST LED light and take a step towards sustainability and environmental protection together with us.


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