Garment Viewing Booth


The head-high viewing booth is specifically designed for use in the textile industry. Thus, the Garment Viewing Booth is equipped with multiple light sources, not only on the ceiling, but also on both side walls, to ensure standard-compliant illumination of samples of different sizes. The Electronic Control Panel assists you in controlling the quality of garments and textiles by offering numerous practical and convenient functions, such as dimming and report generation.

  • Perfect for viewing textiles and garments in full size
  • 5 illuminants: D65, A, TL84, D50, UV-A
  • Convenient Electronic Control Panel for simple operation of the Garment Viewing Booth, directly on the unit or on a mobile device via the Internet browser
  • Setting of the brightness by means of dimmable lamps
  • Operation hours meter for all illuminants for timely relamping
  • Simple generation of detailed color matching reports
  • LAN connection for remote control of the viewing booth by smartphone, laptop or tablet using a remote app
  • Mixed-light function
  • 10 light sequences can be stored
  • Interior designed in neutral, matt gray Munsell N7 (G5574, Munsell N5 on request)

    Illuminant characteristics

  • Noon daylight (5000 K, D50 CIE)

  • Average daylight from the northern sky (6500 K, D65 CIE)

  • Incandescent/domestic lighting (2700 K, A)

  • Store lighting (4100 K, TL84/CWF)

  • For detecting fluorescent substances (UV-A)


  • Illuminants are dimmable

  • Digital operation hours meter for all illuminants

  • LAN interface for connection to network

  • Multiple illuminants can be selected simultaneously

  • Different illuminant sequences can be programmed

  • Report Generator for viewing procedure

  • Remote control of the device via laptop, tablet, smartphone


  • For 3D viewing samples made of different materials

  • Very good detection of metamerism thanks to numerous illuminants


Garment Viewing Booth – US

Garment Viewing Booth – US


Illumination area (W x H x D): 45" x 64" x 23"

Outside dimensions (W x H x D): 50 3/8 x 77 1/4 x 39 3/8"

Relamping Kit Garment Viewing Booth, 5 illuminants – US 685.00 $

Price on request