JUST LED cash-back

Replace your fluorescent operated standard light unit with the latest JUST LED technology and receive a $300 replacement bonus*.

Send us an inquiry with your contact details and we will send you an offer for an LED alternative to your current device. Please let us know which device you own. You will find the exact designation of your standard light unit on the type label, which is usually located on the back.

You would like to discuss your request by phone? No problem, call
we will be happy to answer your questions.

You want to keep your old device despite all the advantages?
In that case the next tube change will surely be soon!

Further information on LED stadardized light


All advantages of our JUST LED standard light technology. Convince yourself!

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ISO 3664:2009

The ISO standard 3664:2009 is applied in printing houses, advertising agencies or photo studios and defines the viewing conditions for critical color matching of original and reproduction in the graphic arts industry.

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ISO 3668

The ISO standard 3668 is increasingly used in the manufacturing industry (automotive, plastics, furniture, etc.) and defines the procedure for the visual comparison of coloured materials and coatings.

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* Discount valid until 08.07.20

Only valid for existing customers who replace their JUST or GTI device with a new one.

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