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Color Control Center

Th!nk Big.
Standardized viewing environments for color control.

Color matching booths come in many sizes, but bulky samples or multiple personnel often exceed the limits of even the largest booths. Further, the time and expense of building a dedicated viewing room may not be possible.

The new Color Control Center from JUST Normlicht is a complete “visual assessment room-in-a-box” with an area of 325 x 235 x 280 cm | 10.7 x 7.7 x 9.2 ft. (W x D x H). This turn-key solution provides a harmony room with standards-compliant performance.

Convenience. Control.
Functionality. Simplicity.

External controls streamline operation of the Color Control Center. You can choose either manual controls with mechanical switches or the digital version with an electronic control panel (ECP).

The ECP handles numerous functions, such dimming, intranet interface, and programming light sequences for recurring color matching tasks.

Electronic Control Panel:

Electronic Control Panel
icon dimming

Continuously variable illuminance reduction

icon report

Easy-to-create color assessment reports

icon light sequence

Light sequences
Freely definable light condition sequences

icon mixed light

Mixed light function
Switching on multiple illuminants same time

icon lan

LAN connection
For operating by remote application

icon operating hours counter

Operating hours meter
Never forget relamping again

The right light for the real colors.

Different materials and end-use conditions need different illuminants to accuracy judge their performance. Choose up to three illuminants from among five standard illuminants – D65, D50, TL84, A, UV. Whatever you choose, with D50 and D65 standardized light you are guaranteed excellent spectral characteristics and an extraordinarily high color rendering index of Ra > 93. This is the only way to match colors as true to daylight as possible using artificial light.

At a viewing height of one meteran illuminance level of up to 4000 lux is possible. The Color Control Center exceeds applicable industry standards such as ISO 3668, DIN 6173-2, and VDA 280 part 8B/8C.

You can choose the following:

color control center luminare
icon d65
icon a
icon tl84
icon d50
icon uv

Adjustable sample tables for the right perspective.

A sample table is recommended when matching flat and large-format color samples. JUST tables conveniently adjust height and/or angle using motor or gas spring assists.

The multiLight lamps of the Color Control Center have diffusing lenses that minimize reflections and mirroring on the sample and viewing table. This is particularly useful for highly glossy or reflective samples.

You can choose the following:

icon proofdesk engl
color control center curtains

You can choose the following:

icon sidewalls english

Flexible surroundings.
Full ambient light exclusion.

Controlled, standardized conditions are essential for color viewing. The Color Control Center includes lightweight, removable sliding doors and solid walls or opaque curtains, all with a neutral gray finish. Coupled with overhead panels, ambient light is excluded and neutral surroundings are insured while allowing easy access for larger samples

picture color control center

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