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Standardized LED light.

The only LED matching solution that exceeds critical ISO 3664:2009 standards, the JUST DLS proofStation is remarkable. Externally, similar to its predecessors, internally the power of JUST LED technology (Pat. No. US 8,592,748 B2) revolutionizes color viewing.

DLS Proofstation
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Changing tubes is a thing of the past.
LEDs are where it's at!

No operating hours meter, no expensive replacement lamps, no time lost, and no more red warning lamps mean significantly lower lifetime cost of ownership. Now you can match colors without worrying about the age of your lamps or their replacement schedule.

The permanently installed LEDs are housed in the familiar JUST moduLight design. The DLS luminaire combines the high illuminance level of diodes with special Fresnel lenses for optimum homogeneity in illumination and excellent reflection behavior. The result is unique light technology that enables you to reliably match colors over the long haul.

This is DLS technology from JUST.


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Excellent spectral characteristics.
Reliable color decisions.

The new DLS proofStation achieves the best conformance to the D50 and D65 illuminants available today, insuring accurate color judgements. With JUST LED technologies, a mix of multiple colored LEDs, and system controls, this viewing solution has a more harmonious and complete light spectrum than even our ISO-spec fluorescent lamps.

The result is natural color representation – consistent for years – with both D50 and D65 illuminants. Coupled with instant-on, infinite dimming, UV on/off, zero maintenance, reduced power consumption, minimal heat output, no mercury waste – at virtually the same price as the prior technology, the DLS proofStation is a cost-effective powerhouse.

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More than just dimming.
Soft proofing with LEDs.

The new DLS proofStation has everything required for soft proofing workflows. From the VESA monitor bracket, to an invisible keyboard extension, to the continuously dimmable LED lamp with USB connection – all components are seamlessly integrated. The USB interface enables matching monitor and viewing conditions for a perfect soft proof.

JUST technology means no color shifts during dimming, often an issue for alternative solutions. Optional side walls help exclude external, ambient light to insure the best possible illumination.

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LED-control –
ready for all (ISO) cases.

No matter whether you are viewing colors for the graphic arts industry with D50 standardized light or according to the industrial standard with D65 light, both are possible with the new LED lamp!

Using the multifunctional LED control, you can select the required illuminant and view colors according to either ISO 3664 or ISO 3668, as needed. In addition, the UV component required for each standard can be deactivated with the touch of a button. Especially during transitions between old and new standards (e.g. FOGRA39 to FOGRA51/52, ISO 3664:2000 / 2009), the solution provides ultimate flexibility in a single product.

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Which LED solution is best for you?

Standardized viewing area: 70 x 100 cm (28 x 40"). Different sizes are available on request.