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Color viewing booth for visual color assessment of 3D- and 2D-surfaces.

Standardized viewing conditions are an essential prerequisite for accurate evaluation and reproduction of colored materials of all kinds. Our color viewing booths support the reliable and consistent visual color appraisal of textiles, plastics, papers, ceramics and colored coatings of all kinds according to ISO 3668, DIN 6173-2 or ASTM 1729 standards.

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Simulate different lighting conditions and detect reliable metamerism.

Metameric colors are those that look the same under one lighting condition, but different under another lighting situation. This leads to wrong decisions in visual color assessments. JUST Viewing Booths allow up to five standard illuminants for the reliable detection and prevention of metamerism.

Do your substrates contain optical brightening agents (OBA)? No problem! An additional lamp for UV radiation helps to check fluorescent materials.

5 illuminants in one color machting box

icon D50

Daylight D50, 5000K

icon d65

Daylight D65, 6500K

icon tl84

Store lighting TL84, 4100K

icon A

Incandescent Lighting,
A 2800K

icon uv

UV-radiation for fluorescence

Easy-to-use touch control by tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop-pc.

Connect the light booth via LAN to your internal network for complete control of your viewing booth via mobile device apps. Whether selecting illuminants, dimming or light sequences, with remote applications you’ve got full control at your fingertips.

Create detailed assessment
reportings at the push of a button.

Thanks to the reporting function, detailed information about the testing company, substrates, serial numbers and much more can be recorded and archived in a color assessment report.

The light booths are simply connected to your PC or network. You can access your light box by using the web browser and create individual color assessment reports. The beste of it – no installation or administrator permission are required!

Dimming, please!

Do you need a lower illuminance level for your color assessment? Simply dim the lights to the required brightness. When the viewing booth is switched on again, the previously selected dimming value is set automatically. Preset levels can be programmed.

Illustration CVL v2 dimming

Convenient functions simplify your color assessment.

icon operation hours meter

Operating hours meter
Don’t miss relamping, stay standardised

icon lan

LAN connection
Connect the viewing booth to your in-house network for remote-app control

icon mixed light

Mixed lighting
Several illuminants can be triggered at the same time

icon lichtsequenzen

Light sequences
Editable sequential order of illuminants

icon metamerism

Detect metamerism
Five illuminants allow accurate prediction of metamerism

icon dimmung

Continuous illuminance dimming

Matching accessories for best color matchings

For the evaluation of shiny or reflextive surfaces, the flat substrates are usually recommended for color assessment at a suitable angle in the viewing booth. Use the sample holder to create standardised viewing conditions for periodic assessments. So you can always match colors at a fixed angle. Depending on your requirements, choose from different sized sample holders from a fixed angle to continuous angle adjustments.

5 sizes.
Infinitely applications.

No matter how big your colored substrates may be. There is always space for reliable color matching in one of the five different sizes. Just choose the light box that suits your needs best.

Request a no-obligation quote for a color viewing booth today!

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