Proven quality, now available with LED technology.

Standardized viewing conditions are an essential prerequisite for the color-accurate reproduction of colored materials of all kinds. With LED moduLight standard daylight lamps, you can evaluate textiles, plastics, papers, lacquers, ceramics and colored coatings of all types in accordance with industrial standards such as ISO 3664 or ISO 3668.

It’s your choice!

With the LED moduLight, you’re ready for everything. You can easily switch the illuminant types between D50 and D65.

In addition, matching is possible with and without a UV component in the light. The LED moduLight thus meets both ISO 3664 and ISO 3668 at the same time.

noon daylight 5000K

average northern daylight 6500K

UV component in the can be switched on and off

continuously dimmable

suitable for soft proofing

USB interface for connection to PC

Benefit from the numerous advantages of our LED technology

The JUST LED moduLight gives you an all-around carefree package in the field of standard daylight lamps. With the LED moduLight, you no longer have to worry about replacement illuminants. LED standard daylight lamps have a very long lifetime. Innovative LED technology means you’ll never have to replace fluorescent lamps again. This longevity is also reflected in the operating time. The LED moduLight has more than 20 times as many operating hours (> 50,000 h) as standard daylight fluorescent lamps. With the LED moduLight, you’re always good to go. Unlike with fluorescent lamps, there’s no warm-up phase after switching on the lamp, so you can start sampling immediately.

Our innovative LED technology works with multiple colored LEDs that provide stable light conditions and a harmonious color spectrum over the entire operating life.

Already the proud owner of a JUST moduLight standard daylight lamp, and want to convert to our LED technology?

No problem! Take advantage of our LED upgrade program.

Less is more!

Soft proofing with the LED moduLight

You’ll be amazed by the continuity of the light color even at low illuminance levels. Thanks to the numerous calibration levels, stable color characteristics are guaranteed independent of the dimming level.

The LED control allows the LED moduLight to be continuously dimmed, and you can easily make adjustments between the monitor and the LED light via the existing USB interface.


Color matching made easy!

The LED moduLight can be used for reliable color proofing of almost all surfaces, and it’s also possible to view three-dimensional sampling objects.

For instance plastics, paints, papers, ceramics, metals, powders, fluorescent materials and much more.

The best solution for everyone

The LED moduLight comes in many different versions. No matter what you need, there’s something for everyone. And if you can’t find what you need, we also offer individual solutions.

The different versions of the lamp vary according to the number of LED modules and the standard illuminated area. This area is between 50 x 30 cm and 160 x 140 cm.

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