Keep Your Vieiwng Station – Upgrade Your Light

The demand for higher-performance lighting for visual color control and quality testing has increased significantly in recent years. This is driven by limitations of fluorescent tube-based lighting, quality fluctuations between production batches, limited lifetime, and the EU decision to ban these tubes. Already, more than 50% of JUST Normlicht sold are LED-based - and the trend is rising. 

To reduce the time and cost of upgrading to JUST Digital Light Systems (DLS) LED-based technology, we offer a solution that maintains the cabinet of existing color inspection stations, while upgrading the lighting with a bolt-on replacement. This green approach saves resources while reducing costs. The DLS upgrade systems are much cheaper than a completely new LED-based station, while retaining all of the JUST LED advantages. There are no tubes to change and cost-of-ownership is less than half that of other solutions. 

This is how the dls upgrade works:


Replacing a fluorescent tube with an LED tube is an expensive, difficult, and feature-less change. Reflectors in existing light booths are designed to handle the 360° light output of a fluorescent lamp. LED replacement tubes have a very narrow light distribution (around 120°) which is incompatible with those reflectors. The requirements for brightness and homogeneity are not achieved. The illumination becomes streaky and creates light and dark "spots" and “bands” on the viewing surface unless the booth or station is fundamentally optimized for those tubes. Further, the wiring of existing booths much be changed by a license electrician, an expensive process that may also  removed the manufacturer's liability or warranty.

JUST offers turn-key, plug-and-play JUST DLS retrofits, both for many JUST fluorescent stations as well as competitive systems. All are designed to make the upgrade process as simple as unbolting the old luminaire and bolting-on the new one. Plug in and you’re ready to go. It’s time to “save the iron and see the light”.


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