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In February 2022, the EU Commission published new RoHS directives (RoHS=Restriction of Hazardous Substances)  that restrict the use of hazardous and harmful substances in electrical and electronic equipment. 

The new RoHS directives stipulate that no lamps containing mercury may be placed on the market after August 24, 2023. All fluorescent lamps used for general lighting purposes are initially affected by these new regulations, such as those used to illuminate offices, halls or shelves.  

For D65 and D50 standard luminaires, as well as ISO 3668 and ISO 3664:2009 standard lamps for colour matching, an exemption has been created until 24.02.2025. Our stocks of mercury containing luminaires are still well filled. Nevertheless, it is to be expected that the de facto end for standard fluorescent lamps will come sooner. The large lamp manufacturers in Europe and China have already discontinued the production of fluorescent lamps for general lighting and for the niche market of colour matching it is not worthwhile for the manufacturers to provide production capacities until 2025.

For JUST Normlicht, these directives and the associated technology change do not come as a surprise. JUST has been offering mercury-free alternative LED-based solutions for a long time.


JUST DLS luminaires, with their long-life LED-based technology, are much more sustainable than fluorescent lamps.

They do not have to be disposed of as hazardous waste, all components are recyclable, there no regular tube replacements, and illumination is glare- and reflection-free.

While procurement costs for Digital Light Systems are slightly higher, they are amortized in less than 5 years. In fact, you can own two Digital Light Systems for the ownership cost of one fluorescent system. 


For users with existing fluorescent-based viewing systems:  keep your iron and see the light!

JUST DLS upgrade systems allow upgrading only the luminaire part of your current systems, preserving your investment in cabinetry, stands or stations. You benefit from the advantages of the new DLS colour proofing light without buying a completely new colour matching station.

For most of our color matching stations, we already offer plug-and-play DLS upgrade solutions.

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Modernization by Retrofit

The DLS Retrofit Systems are designed to equip third-party colour proofing stations with the patented Digital Light Systems. 

Similar to the DLS Upgrade System, the old mercury-containing luminaires are replaced with state-of-the-art LED-based DLS luminaires specifically designed for your station and engineered to fulfill your requirements.

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Find alternatives to your fluorescent-based product in our webshop.

DLS moduLight SERIEs

easily mounted to the ceiling or directly at your Inspection station. The LED-based DLS moduLight luminaires can be easily switched between D50, D65 - each with and without UV content- and UV-Only.

DLS Color Viewing Light Series

perfectly suited for any kind of proofing due to its versatility. The DLS Color Viewing Light booths are available in different sizes and various illuminants of course based on JUST LED technology!

DLS proofStation Series

combines the latest lighting technology with functional design. The DLS ProofStation are perfectly adapted to your matching requirements thanks to their different versatile features.

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