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JUST Digital Light Systems (DLS) now make homogeneous, short and long-term stable LED-based lighting a high-performance, cost-effective, standards-compliant solution. Standard LEDs and LED tubes are unable to emit uniform, stable light over the long term, exacerbated by the fluctuating quality of LED manufacturing. Through a patented multi-stage calibration process, selection of the best light-emitting diodes and LED drivers, and sophisticated control processes, JUST LED based luminaires produce the highest quality light, stable over the long haul. These are the JUST Digital Light Systems.

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Critical color assessments with standardized D50 and D65 requires luminaires that emit high-quality, CIE and ISO standards-compliant light. Specifically, the spectral values, color rendering indices, chromaticity coordinates and metamerism indices must be achieved and maintained with very low tolerances to reliably "communicate color" anywhere in the world. Even small changes in the light spectrum greatly influence the color impression and thus the intended final product quality.

JUST Digital Light Systems simulate the spectral distribution of standard light D50 and D65 so well that the specifications for visual color assessment according to ISO 3664 and ISO 3668 are not only met, but are significantly exceeded. This means less variability in your color workflow.

In addition, it is possible to turn off the UV component required by the current ISO standard - to create conditions more similar to daylight - if necessary. This means that media producers have a solution compatible to both the previous ISO 3664:2000, and current ISO 3664:2009 standards.

With the new UV-ONLY function (UV-A), optical brighteners, specialty inks, security features, adhesives or other fluorescent materials can be detected even better. 


Dyes & Pigments
Dyes & Pigments
Automotive Automotive
Textile & Leather Textile & Leather
Prints & Paper Prints & Paper
Plastics Plastics
Optical brighteners & fluorescent materials Optical brighteners & 
fluorescent materials
Coatings & Finishes Coatings & Finishes
Fluids Fluids
Wood & Furniture Wood & Furniture
and many more... and many more...
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    With their long-life LED technology, DLS luminaires are much more sustainable than their predecessors, fluorescent lamps or LED replacement tubes. Fluorescent have a short service life of 2,500 hours, and the toxic mercury within the lamps has to be disposed of as hazardous waste at high cost. With JUST DLS luminaires, there are no tube replacements hassels, costs, or variability for the entire service life of 50,000 hours.

    The slight purchase premium for Digital Light Systems are paid back very quickly. In fact, you can own two JUST DLS compared with the cost-of-ownership for one fluorescent based system – and that doesn’t consider the better, more stable performance and additional features!

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    Every luminaire leaving our factory is calibrated to the exact same spectral characteristics and targets of the ISO 3664:2009 and ISO 3668 standards. Manufacturing tolerances and batch variations are therefore a thing of the past, as our patented DLS technology enables us to guarantee 100% constant and uniform lighting conditions throughout the product’s service life. Thus, the ISO requirements are not only met, but substantially exceeded. 
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    With DLS moduLight luminaires based on JUST LED technology, we achieved the breakthrough for using LEDs in the critical assessment of colors and surfaces in 2016. Since then, our DLS LED product portfolio has continuously expanded and now includes a solution for almost every one of our product categories. Everything from desktop viewers to larger lighting booths to complete rooms can be equipped with our DLS technology. 

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    Due to the continuous dimming function and LightTalk connection, all Digital Light Systems from JUST are also suitable for soft proofing applications. The preset function is particularly helpful here; the required settings for each light type (D65 and D50) can be stored here and thus called up on demand.

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    D50, D65 and UV-A.

    Every JUST DLS system includes three illuminants. For the ISO 3664:2009 standard for the printing industry D50 (5000K) is included. For manufacturing and other industries, D65 (6500 K) is also included. Depending on the application and requirements, the UV component in both illumination types can be switched on and off. Additionally, a UV-A ONLY function is included in the latest versions, supporting viewing of fluorescent agents such as optical brighteners, inks, adhesives, or security features on any substrate. 
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Our LED-based Digital Light Systems are in use by everyone from international retailers and manufacturers to local design agencies and sign shops. Regards of your industry or application, size or format needs, our DLS provide you with the same quality, stability and price/performance. Ask us how we can help your color goals.

All facts at a glance.

JUST Digital Light Systems achieve the best conformance to the D50 and D65 illuminants available today, insuring accurate colour judgements. The technology thus combines the high illuminance of the diodes with special Fresnel lenses, for best homogeneity in the illumination. 

The mix of several colored LEDs produces an even more harmonious and complete light spectrum than conventional fluorescent lamps. The result is a natural and repeatable output for years to come with standard D50 and D65 light. Far away from environmentally harmful mercury, obstructive warm-up phases, changes in light color or quality fluctuations in the batches.

Keep your station and upgrade to DLS

Replacing tubes was yesterday. Today is LED! Simply convert your existing tuning station to LED and benefit from the numerous advantages of Digital Light Systems.

*depending on intensity and illuminant type