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Norms and standards

ISO 3664:2009

The ISO standard 3664:2009 is applied in printing houses, advertising agencies or photo studios and defines the viewing conditions for critical color matching of original and reproduction in the graphic arts and printing industry.

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ISO 3668

The ISO standard 3668 is applied more often in the manufacturing industry (automotive, plastics, furniture, etc.) and defines the procedure for the visual comparison of coloured surfaces, materials and coatings.

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ISO 12647-2:2013

The ISO 12647-2:2013 standard provides the prerequisites for standardized and color-compliant printing conditions in order to avoid color misjudgements due to optical brighteners..

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CIE 15:2018

CIE 15:2018 is a guideline that contains recommendations on colorimetry. It covers the use of the standardized color observers and standard light sources, the illumination and viewing conditions and others.

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Our light sources are not intended to use for general lighting purposes

With reference to exemption of Directive 2019/2020 EU; Annex III; Point 3.o:

"Light sources accompanied by an individual calibration certificate detailing the exact radiometric flux and/or spectrum under specified conditions, intended for laboratory use or quality control applications for the evaluation of coloured surfaces and materials under standard viewing conditions (e.g. standard illuminants)"