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DLS Color Viewing Light v8


Discover the latest kind of color proofing with our DLS Color Viewing Light v8. The optimized control system enables much easier LED-based assessment. In addition to the illuminants D50, D65 and UV-A, two specific illuminants can be added to the DLS Color Viewing Light v8, according to customer's needs. Furthermore, the UV content can be turned ON/OFF and stored proofing settings can be easely switched on or off at the touch of a button.

High performance LED-based viewing light with:
  • unmatched light distribution
  • high uniformity and optimal spectral characteristics
  • shadow- and glare-free CAD-based prismatic diffuser
  • expected life of 50,000 hours
  • maintenance free; No tube replacement
  • 5 LED-based illuminants according to :
    D50      ISO 23603, CIE S 012, ISO 3664
    D65      ISO 23603, CIE S 012, ISO 3668
    ALT1    select CIE 15:2018 B1 (2733K), B2 (2998K) or B3 (4103K)
    ALT2    select CIE 15:2018 B1 (2733K), B2 (2998K) or B3 (4103K)
  • UV-A  

  • Exact color coordinates D50/D65
  • Low metamerism index in the visible range: ≤ 0.8 (MIvis)
  • Low metamerism index in the UV range: ≤ 0.6 (MIuv)
  • Mixed-light function
  • D50/D65 Continuous dimming
  • D50/D65 switch off/on UV-content
  • USB interface
  • Memory function for presets
  • Programmable light sequences
U.S. Pat. No. US 8,592,748,B2
A list of suitable accessories can be found under Downloads.

    Illuminant characteristics

  • Asymmetrical light design for viewing from one side (fixed viewing position)

  • Little reflection and glare

  • Switch off UV content for assessment to old ISO 3664

  • Noon daylight (LED 5000 K, D50 CIE)

  • Average daylight from the northern sky (LED 6500 K, D65 CIE)

  • UV-Only (UV-A)

  • LED B1-B5


  • USB interface for connection to PC

  • Illuminants are dimmable

  • Multiple illuminants can be selected simultaneously


  • For flat viewing samples, such as paper, fabrics, coatings

  • For 3D viewing samples made of different materials

  • « general product features of all devices; special featuers of particular devices »

  • For particularly large and flat viewing samples


DLS Color Viewing Light v8 S

DLS Color Viewing Light v8 S


Illumination area (W x D): 64 x 36 cm

Price EUR 1,895.00

DLS Color Viewing Light v8 L

DLS Color Viewing Light v8 L


Illumination area (W x D): 125 x 54 cm

Special features:

  • 2D Großformat

Price on request

DLS Color Viewing Light v8 XL

DLS Color Viewing Light v8 XL


Illumination area (W x D): 155 x 54 cm

Price on request

made in germany