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Color viewing booth

DLS Color Viewing Light v8

LED-based colour viewing entirely according to the individual wishes of the customer. The DLS viewing booth enables standardised assessment with 5 types of light according to ISO 3668, ISO 3664 and CIE 15:2018.

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DLS Color Viewing Light v7

With its LED-based solution, the DLS viewing booth is the perfect companion for industrial matching. Its simple operation makes it applicable in almost all areas.

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DLS Color Viewing Light v2

The LED-based, high-end viewing booth. Thanks to the multispectral LED light source, an almost endless number of illuminants can be reproduced in high quality, including such standard illuminants as D50, D65 or D75.

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DLS Harmony Room

An entire proofing room for the visual comparison of colour coatings on large proofs.

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Color Viewing Light BASIC

The compact, entry-level solution with basic functions and convenience. The colour of two- or three-dimensional products can be reliably assessed under an optional three, four or five illuminants.

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Color Viewing Light PRO

Highly convenient operation and numerous practical functions for assessing the colour of a wide range of materials. Available in five sizes and with five illuminants, the colour matching booths offers everything you need for professional viewing tasks.

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Color Control Center

The accessible standardized viewing booth with multiLight-luminaires is the best solution for visual color control of large substrates and detection of metameric effects.

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