DLS Wall Illuminator


The DLS Wall Illuminator starts where other sample stations end.
Due to its size and accessibility, it is ideally suited for the colour evaluation of large format prints.
Whether trade fair banners or advertising posters - standard-compliant illumination is guaranteed over the entire rear wall.

  • ideal for the evaluation of large format prints
  • unique JUST LED technology with the light types D65 and D50
  • UV-ONLY: UV-A for the detection of optical brighteners
  • Glare and reflection-free illumination, with side walls to screen off extraneous light
  • continuously dimmable

    Illuminant characteristics

  • Almost no reflection and glare

  • Switch off UV content for assessment to old ISO 3664

  • Noon daylight (LED 5000 K, D50 CIE)

  • Average daylight from the northern sky (LED 6500 K, D65 CIE)

  • UV-Only (UV-A)


  • Illuminants are dimmable


  • For particularly large and flat viewing samples


DLS Wall Illuminator

DLS Wall Illuminator


Illumination area (W x D): 190 x 215 cm

Outside dimensions (WxHxD): 200 x 255 x 142 cm

Price on request

made in germany