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Color proofing light

DLS moduLight

The external appearance of the first LED colour matching luminaire with D50 and D65 standardised light is only slightly different from that of its predecessor. Behind the impressive design, you will find the technology is just as pioneering – LED technology that will revolutionize colour viewing.

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DLS Color Proof Light

The state-of-the-art LED-based color proof light. Stable lighting conditions over the entire lifetime, either with D50, D65 and UV or multispectral.

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DLS Wall Illumination

Large-area wall illumination with standard LED light D50 and D65. Ideal for visual colour assessment of posters, plots and proofs. The color viewing area is customisable to your application.

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multiLight BASIC

The multiLight proof lights offer more than just one illuminant. Up to three illuminants are freely selectable, permitting viewing of coloured surfaces in different lighting situations. Metamerism can be reliably detected as a result.

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multiLight PRO

Very convenient operation and numerous functions, such as dimming, turn the colour viewing light into a specialist for professional colour matching tasks. Five illuminants are available, including UV light.

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Color Control Professional 5000

The entry-level solution among the graphic art colour viewing light with D50 standard illuminant. Efficient lighting technology with asymmetrical light for colour proofing on the press or in the prepress studio.

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Color Control Professional 6500

Entry-level colour proof lights for the manufacturing industry, with a correlated colour temperature of 6500 Kelvin. Optionally with symmetrical or asymmetrical light for colour proofing at the conference table or on a desk for one-side viewing.

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made in germany