Side walls

You need an upgrade? Matching side walls for your JUST device for shielding against extraneous light. You'll find the right side walls for everything here – from small units like the colorFrame, all the way to the 6B proofStation.

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External Control Units

External control units facilitate the operation of our lights if they hang very high from the ceiling or are integrated into a machine, for example.

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Matching sample holders

Matching sample holders with ISO-defined angle settings for viewing a wide range of materials. The availability of both fixed and continuously variable angles facilitates the colour matching of flat samples, such as paint samples, plastics and much more.

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adJUST Software

Additional recalibration software for monitor calibration for JUST LED devices or soft proofing applications.

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Other accessories

All other accessories such as interior panels, cabinets and fittings can be found here.

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made in germany