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Five (B1-B5) from a total of nine new Light emitting diodes (LEDs) illuminants have been added to JUST Color Viewing Light v8 series. These new illuminants represent the LED Standard illuminants B1-B5 for phosphor-converted blue LEDs published by the CIE in in its fourth edition of CIE 15 (CIE15:2018 “Colorimetry, 4th Edition”). 

These are not designed to represent any specific manufacturers commercially available White LED, instead they are designed around the typical CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) of a class of available LEDs.

These LED illuminants constitute the averages of common white types used in the market and were defined after several years of studies and clustering of CIE TC1-85.

These nine new LED illuminants are listed below, a reference to their CCT is given so the user may select one that is similar to the LED’s under which the observer would be viewing and proofing.

Correlated color temperature (CCT) according to cIE 15:2018

LED-B1           2733K

LED-B2           2998K

LED-B3           4103K

LED-B4           5109K

LED-B5           6598K

B1-B5 are typical blue excited phosphor type LEDs with different CCTs.

LED-BH1        2851K

LED-RGB1      2840K

Bh1 is a hybrid type with added red.
RGB1 is a tri-led source.

LED-V1           2724K

LED-V2           4070K

V1 and V2 are violet enhanced blue excited phosphor LEDs.