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June 2024 // Trade Show Report


After 8 years, the gates to the world's largest trade fair for print and media technologies in Düsseldorf were reopened, welcoming 170,000 professionals from 174 countries over 11 days. From May 28 to June 7, Just presented its latest innovations, offering visitors a fascinating glimpse into the future of color matching. Among the new products showcased were the new LED Desktop Viewers, DLS Color Viewing booths, DLS Color poofing lights, and various DLS Color Viewing Stations.

The participation in drupa 2024 was a great success for JUST Normlicht GmbH, with numerous conversations offering great potential for future projects. We thank all visitors who stopped by our booth and look forward to seeing you again in 2028.

Our team at drupa 2024!

March 2023 // Trade Show Report


There was a great sense of reunion at the European Coatings Show 2023 at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre. From 28 to 30 March, more than 24,000 coatings professionals came together to learn about the latest trends in the world of paints and coatings from more than 1,000 exhibitors from 42 countries.

The European Coatings Show is the world's largest and most important event for the coatings industry. Eight exhibition halls offer trade visitors all the global industry trends in raw materials and services as well as testing, measuring, laboratory and production systems. 

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Manufacturers, process engineers, quality managers and buyers will find all the innovations for the entire coatings market here, including sustainability, nanotechnology and green coatings. We were also present at the world's leading trade fair, exhibiting a range of colour matching solutions for reliable assessment of painted and coated materials.

One of our highlights at the show was the DLS Color Viewing Light v8, the new light booth for industrial colour proofing and colour inspection of materials and substrates. The DLS Color Viewing Light v8 has the illuminants D50, D65, UV-A and two further alternative illuminants according to CIE LED B1-B5 can be defined. The DLS Color Viewing Light v8 complies with standards such as ISO 3664, ISO 3668 ASTM D1729-16 and CIE 15:2018.

Another highlight of the show was the DLS Color Control Center, the LED-based accessible viewing booth! The accessible cabin with 3 or 5 illuminants provides controlled lighting conditions for a large-area visual colour inspection of a wide range of materials according to ISO 3664, ISO 3668 and optionally CIE 15:2018.

The European Coatings Show was a great success. We would like to thank all visitors for the many exciting discussions on our stand and look forward to seeing you at future shows and events.

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Photo: Our booth at ECS 2023!

February 2023 // JUST News.

Color Viewing Booth under voltage

The new DLS Color Viewing Light v8 under higher voltage at the end of February. The light booth was tested for its electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The EMC test characterises the electromagnetic compatibility of an electrical or electronic product or device and is an important quality feature of electronic products. The EMC test is required for market approval.

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To ensure the best functionality of our Normlicht products, it must be resistant to external interference and at the same time not interfere with the function of other devices. This ensures that all products operate reliably in extreme environmental conditions and comply with EMC standards and directives.

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November 2022 // JUST News. 


Color and print matcher are looking for an equivalent LED-based alternative for their proof lighting. The reason for this is the new RoHS directive and the associated ban on fluorescent tubes. However, the changeover from fluorescent tubes to LED is not so easy for already existing matching stations, because LED replacement tubes do not work in existing luminaires. 

The offset printing company Karl Grammlich GmbH from Pliezhausen near Stuttgart, Germany, changed the lights in its existing press control console with the patented JUST Normlicht solution.

"[...] We have quality with the lights from JUST, which also reflects our quality standards to our customer. I know that with the upgrade from JUST we have made the best decision for standard- compliant proofing [...]", explains Daniel Grammlich, Managing Director of Karl Grammlich GmbH  (Source: World of Print, Print Edition German Language 11-2022).

Find out why LED replacement tubes do not work in existing luminaires and what solutions JUST Normlicht offers users.

​​​​​Photo: Color matching at Karl Grammlich offset printing company with the DLS ModuLight luminaires from JUST Normlicht.

October 2022 // Trade Show Report


After a long pandemic break, this year's Light + Building took place as a unique autumn edition from October 2 to 6 in Frankfurt. GL Optic exhibited its professional systems for light measurement at this leading international trade fair for light and building technology. 

The highlight of this year's fair was the Design Plus exhibition, where GL Optic also received the "Design Plus Award powered by Light + Building" for the GL OPTICAM 3.0 4K TEC, the innovative luminance measurement system for street lighting. In addition to the overall concept and design quality, the highly qualified jury of experts also recognized the system integration as well as the technical and ecological quality of this compact system for luminance measurement of street lighting. 

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The GL Opticam 3.0 4K TEC is the first fully adapted system for street lighting measurements according to the EN 13201:2016 standard. In seconds, the system provides all measurement data necessary to calculate the standard compliance for luminance distribution of selected street and area lighting. All award-winning products were presented as part of a special show.

At this year's Light + Building, GL Optic focused on current and complex topics, such as the change in eco-design guidelines and their requirements for the industry. At its booth, GL Optic presented its measurement systems, which can be used to determine important parameters that are essential for compliance with the new directives. With the GL PHOTOMETER 3.0 LS + FLICKER, a laboratory-class photometer, fast photometric measurements of all relevant parameters are possible. Also the GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch + Flicker, a portable spectroradiometer, allows measurements such as light intensity, illuminance, CRI, PstLM, SVM data and others. GL Optic presented individual sets of measuring instruments, software and integrating spheres for specific application requirements. 

Light + Building was a great success for GL Optic. We would like to thank all visitors for the numerous exciting conversations at our booth and look forward to seeing you again at the upcoming trade shows and events of JUST Normlicht and GL Optic.

Photo: The winning product with the well-deserved award.

Photo: Great interest in our measuring systems.

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Photo: The colleagues from GL Optic and JUST Normlicht at the booth at Light+Building 2022.

September 2022 // Trade Show Report

Just Normlicht at LabeLexpo Americas

Last held in America in 2019, LabelExpo clearly had pent-up demand. With over 13,000 people from 77 countries attending between September 13-15 at the Donald E. Stephen’s Convention Center in Chicago, LabelExpo was quite an international success. Digital workflows permeated the show and JUST was well-positioned to meet the needs of attendees grappling with multiple printing processes that are presented in many different end-use lighting environments.

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JUST Normlicht presented a sample of its Digital Light Systems (DLS) based on patented LED technology. All of the systems exceed the ISO 3664 and ISO 3668 viewing standards. The DLS colorCommunicator, a desktop viewing system idea for 2-D comparisons was shown, as well as the DLS Color Viewing Light v7, designed for both 2 and 3-D objects. Also included were the larger format DLS proofTop Multi and JUST’s fully programmable light source, the DLS Color Viewing Light v2.

For label producers, buyers, and users interested in multiple light sources, ideal for checking metamerism, the newer DLS Color Viewing Light v8 was shown. With a very attractive price/performance, this is the only viewing system available that supports the new CIE LED illuminants, as well as traditional fluorescent sources. Additionally, attendees really appreciated the “UV-only” modes that all DLS models support, allowing rapid detection of “invisible” UV area such as watermarks and security features, as well as simple detection of adhesives, fluorescent inks and optical brighteners in inks or substrates.

JUST’s presentation was well-received, leaving us to label the event a great success with existing and new customers sticking to the JUST name for quality, innovation and reliability.

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August 2022 // Trade Show Report

Looking back:
JUST Normlicht at IWF 2022

After a four-year break, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the International Woodworking Fair (IWF) was held from August 23rd to the 26th in Atlanta, GA, US. IWF is North America’s largest woodworking technology and design tradeshow, where thousands attend to discover the latest solutions in architectural woodwork, cabinetry, flooring, furniture manufacturing, engineered products, finishing and more. 

Hundreds of exhibitors from across the globe were in attendance, including JUST Normlicht, Inc. One of the main goals of the show was educating visitors about the impact LED based lighting is having on the industry and what can be done to proactively plan for and incorporate these changes.

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Visitors were also informed about the differences between general LED lighting and the patented JUST LED approach (Digital Light System - DLS) which exceeds the requirements of the ISO viewing standards.

JUST had several DLS color assessment booths on display including our new DLS Color Viewing Light v8. The DLS CVL v8 features the same high-quality illumination and long operating life customers have come to expect with JUST DLS v7 but with the added flexibility of additional light sources. v8 models come standard with CIE D50 & D65, UV-A and two customer selectable illuminants making it the ideal solution for both matching customer environments and metamerism detection.

We would like to thank all attendees and exhibitors who visited our booth. We look forward to seeing you again at IWF 2024.

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Photo: James Summer giving a presentation at the booth.

July 2022 // JUST News.

RENOLIT relies on JUST Normlicht's LED-based technologie for color proofing

For objective and standard-compliant assessments of product color, quality and appearance, RENOLIT SE recently invested in Digital Light Systems solutions from JUST Normlicht at its headquarter in Worms, Germany. RENOLIT has since benefited from optimum standard light conditions for critical color and quality assessment.

"With the coming ban of fluorescent tubes by the EU and the innovative further development of LED technology, we decided last year to make the switch to LEDs,“ explains Alexander Doppler, Production Manager at RENOLIT in Worms (Source: World of Print, Print Edition German Language 07-2022).

In Worms, the company has fifteen stations in the entire operating area at which proofing and assessment is carried out.

Photo Renolit + Just Photo: Alexander Doppler (in front) and Abdel H. Najiduring proofing

May 2022 // JUST News.


On May 12, 2022, the Bundesverband Druck und Medien (German Printing and Media Industries Federal Assotiation) issued an invitation to the online event "Fluorescent tubes facing the end - consequences for the printing industry" as part of the infoKompakt series.  

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In February 2022, the EU Commission published the new directives on RoHS exemptions for fluorescent lamps. For the printing industry, the deadlines for the following lamps or uses are of particular importance:

•    general fluorescent lamps may not be sold after 24.08.2023

•    Standard fluorescent lamps may not be sold after 24.02.2025 

Michael Gall, managing director of JUST Normlicht, was invited to speak at the industry event of bvdm. He talked about which actions and measures should be taken and presented LED-based JUST alternative solution, the Digital Light System. Mr. Gall explained what to consider when Upgrading or Retrofiting existing installations.  

Read more about the ban of fluorescent lighting here.

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2022 May // JUST News.

When are Fluorescent Tubes being banned in the US?

This is a good question, but the real issue is tube availability. Fluorescent tubes will become economically impractical before any US federal ban takes place. The three drivers behind this change are economics, performance, and environment concerns.

On February 24, 2022 the European Union Commission (EC) adopted regulations under the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive banning fluorescent lighting for sale in the EU by September 2023. 

Motive to the article ban on fluorescent tubes The ban on fluorescent lamps in the EU is leading to a worldwide change in color and print matching. 

2022 April // Trade Show Report


On April 4-6, with a one-year delay due to the Corona pandemic automotive industry professionals met at the International Symposium on Automotive Lighting in Darmstadt. The Symposium enables the exchange of knowledge and experience between lighting engineers, road safety experts and regulatory authorities.

GL Optic, a JUST Normlicht brand, was an exhibitor at the show and presented their systems dedicated to the automotive industry, including GLG A 50 – 1800, a goniometric system for fast and automated approval of car lamps and GL Opticam systems for reliable luminance and optical performance testing of displays and illuminated elements.

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GLG A 50-1800 is built to help solve testing daily basis challenges and get prepared for future developments as well. The product has been developed in cooperation with the industry leading suppliers such as Panasonic and Hamamatsu Photonics to ensure the highest accuracy and reliability.

The GL OPTICAM 2.0 4K TEC is a new high resolution Imaging Luminance Measuring Device. With this new optical instrument all the touch screen control panels, backlit buttons, displays, keyboards and indicating lights can be easily and precisely verified during the R&D and production stage.

ISAL hosts one of the largest and most dynamic international exhibitions focused on automotive lighting bringing together scientists, Engineers and designers as well as decision-makers and key players from the automotive lighting industry . Leading companies in automotive lighting showcase their latest products, hardware and software solutions to a broad audience.

After a two-year break from trade fairs, the International Symposium on Automotive Lighting was a complete success. We would like to thank all visitors for the numerous exciting discussions at our booth and look forward to seeing you again at the upcoming trade fairs and events of JUST Normlicht and GL Optic.

Exhibition stand ISAL 2022

Photo: Abdel Naji at the GL Optic booth

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Photo: International Symposium on Automotive Lighting Photo: International Symposium on Automotive Lighting (ISAL) in Darmstadt, Germany

January 2022 // JUST News.

GL Optic awarded during the Warsaw Light Fair 2022

GL Optic, a brand of JUST Normlicht, was awarded with its system GL Opticam 3.0 4K TEC with the main prize in the competition "The best product at the fair" during the 29th International Fair of Lighting Equipment „Light” in Warsaw.

GL Opticam 3.0 4K TEC is a comprehensive system for image luminance measurement with particular emphasis on the measurement of road lighting in accordance with the requirements of the EN 13201 standard.

The aim of the competition is to promote the best solutions in terms of technology, design, utility and innovation.

Not only the GL Opticam system gained recognition at the Fair but also GL Optic COO, Mikołaj Przybyła, was awarded the title of Personality of the Year 2021 in the business environment category.

We are very proud of both the awards. We are glad that we have managed to create a team that works together to create innovative solutions, unique on a global scale.

Photo Mikolay Przybyla with Award Mikołaj Przybyła, COO of GL Optic, is proud of both awards.

December 2021 // JUST News.

Mikołaj Przybyła awarded at the international LpS DIGITAL conference

Mikołaj Przybyła’s (COO of GL Optic) presentation on the principles of UV LED measurement was awarded as the most recognized presentation during the LpS DIGITAL conference, the first virtual conference on lighting organized by the publisher of LED Professional magazine.

The presentation gained over 1500 views, the most of all conference presentations. The presentation on the principles of UV light measurement was a response to the rapid increase in the demand for UV disinfecting lamps. UV LED lamp performance tests are crucial for a proper virus disinfection process.

LpS Digital presents up-to-date content on lighting design, technology and applications, and introduces to the latest developments and trends.

July 2021 // JUST News.

Stora Enso relies on JUST LED Normlicht for its innovative softproof solution!

For some time now, the topic of soft proofing, i.e. color matching and approval of prints by means of a digital proof on a monitor, has been in trend. In general, collaboration, and the associated remote color matching, is also becoming more and more important, not least due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

To simplify workflows and processes even further in the future, Stora Enso has now moved its softproof service to the cloud and developed a softproof box. Integrated in this softproof solution are JUST LED luminaires, which provide the ideal framework conditions for softproofing. Only if the exact same proofing conditions are provided at all ends of the process, such a digital workflow can work smoothly and successfully.

The JUST LED moduLight 1-800 used here is calibrated in the JUST light laboratory and therefore offers 100% identical and constant proofing conditions with the light types CIE D50 and CIE D65, each with and without UV content. 

June 2021 // JUST News.

JUST Normlicht is honored for 20 years of membership at FOGRA

Fogra is an independent research institute for media technologies, whose purpose is the progressive development of printing and media technology in all areas. The majority of the members of the non-profit association come from the printing industry and range from print stores to prepress and postpress. 

Among other things, Fogra is committed to standardization in the industry and is therefore also part of numerous working groups and committees. 

JUST Normlicht has been a member of Fogra for 20 years now, making a valuable contribution to progress in the print and media industry.

We look forward to continued successful and innovative cooperation in the future!

Source: Fogra 

Photo Dr. Neufeld (Fogra) and Gall (JUST Normlicht) The picture shows Dr. Eduard Neufeld, Managing Director and Head of Institute at Fogra, and Michael Gall, CEO of JUST Normlicht, presenting the certificate of honor.

November 2020 // New product

LED entry level solution
for medium format (3B)

The new CHALLENGE D65/D50 combines the popular, minimalist design of the Challenge 5000 with the outstanding quality of JUST LED technology.

With the light modes D65 and D50, which can be switched individually, this color inspection station complies with the ISO 3664 and ISO 3668 standards. In addition, the UV component can be switched on and off.

With the CHALLENGE D65/D50 a new LED upgrade system is added to our product range. We can now offer all owners of a Challenge 5000 ( built in 2010 or later) an upgrade of the existing station, where only the lamp is replaced, but the station itself can remain in place.

October 2018 // JUST News.

Prinovis partners with JUST for LED ISO-compliant viewing

Prinovis, a leading, European printing group, has upgraded its color control stations from fluorescent tubes to JUST LED technology. The stations now provide standardized lighting conditions precisely conforming to the ISO 3664:2009 standard with the D50 (5000 K) illuminant.

As a leader in the printing industry, Prinovis had previously switched from hard-copy to soft proofing, dramatically improving workflow efficiencies. However, they found fluorescent tubes impact color matching accuracy, particularly when dimmed for soft proofing, so they sought a better solution.

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Until recently, fluorescent tubes were the closest match available to the D50 daylight spectrum. However, when dimmed for soft proofing, this technology produces a warm color shift. Their mercury content also produces sharp spikes in the light spectrum. Additionally, phosphor aging inside fluorescent tubes causes color coordinate shifts over time, leading to inconsistent color assessments. All fluorescent tubes require replacing after about 2,500 operating hours to remain within the ISO specification. In the case of Prinovis, all sites of the company had to replace the tubes simultaneously, as they needed approximately the same viewing conditions at all company sites.

Prinovis’ long term goal of exactly programmable and replicable color matching conditions became possible with their implementation of JUST LED technology, resolving all issues with fluorescent tubes, while adding significant benefits. For the first time, everyone at Prinovis, irrespective of the company site, can see the same color.

Further benefits of the JUST LED technology include:

  • Near perfect simulation of D50, the closest of any commercially available fixture and substantially exceeding the ISO 3664:2009 specification
  •  Continuous dimming without color shifts, idea for soft proofing
  • Switchable illuminants between D50 (5000 K) and D65 (6500 K) and switchable UV content, allowing identification of optical brightening agents (OBAs)
  • Expected lifetime of 45,000 operating hours (approximately 20x fluorescent tubes)
  • Precise inter-luminaire color conditions over time
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Photo of the involved persons Part of this project were (from left) Katharina Schietinger (JUST Normlicht, Marketing), Marcus Lepschy (Prinovis, head of sales), Thomas Hebes (Prinovis Nuremberg, head of department pre-press stage), and Abdel Naji  (JUST Normlicht, Sales & Marketing Director)

2018 October // JUST News.

GL Optic (a JUST brand) has won the LpS Award 2018 for its Modern Lighting Audit

The three LpS Awards are given for cutting edge technologies with the strongest impact on lighting, applications and sustainability. GL MODERN LIGHTING AUDIT has been victorious in one of the three categories: The Best Application Technology.

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The GL MODERN LIGHTING AUDIT is an innovative system tool which simplifies and speeds up the process and excludes auditor’s errors during onsite lighting installation verification. This modern technology solution is bridging the gap between CAD design systems and the construction site when lighting audits are made. GL MODERN LIGHTING AUDIT is an instrument and software solution to combine the CAD design system with portable spectroradiometers from GL Optic, to evaluate lux levels and other critical quality parameters in a digital format.


All performed in 4 simple steps:

·         Create Lighting Design

·         Import CAD file and create audit file

·         Perform field audit with spectrometer

·         Import back to CAD for evaluation and reporting


Find out more



Modern Lighting Audit Diagram



Illustration Award Best Sustainability Technology 2018

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Read more about "Modern Lighting Audit" in the paper of Mikolaj Przybyla, COO of GL Optic.

2018 February // Trade Show Report

Looking Back:
JUST Normlicht at Color Conference '18 San Diego

The Color Conference ’18, hosted by the Printing Industries of America (PIA) January 13–16 in San Diego was a great success for JUST Normlicht. In addition to sponsoring the event, JUST demonstrated its award winning JUST LED moduLight ISO compliant lighting to a wide range of leaders from color management experts to brand and product managers.

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JUST’s James Summers, VP for the America’s business, addressed the audience with a presentation Illuminating Advancements in LED Lighting. He helped explain the changes and impact LED based lighting is having on consumers, retailers, brand managers and graphic production professionals and what can be done to proactively plan for and incorporate these changes. Mr. Summers participated in a lively discussion on color standards that helped the audience learn about differences between general LED lighting and the patented JUST approach which exceeds the requirements of the ISO 3664:2009 viewing standard.

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Logo Color 2018

2017 December // JUST News.

Fogra has upgraded its viewing cabinet with LED Virtual proofStation.

With the relocation of Fogra into the new institute building in Munich, Fogra has also upgraded its viewing station. In terms of the long-standing cooperation between Fogra and JUST, the old fluorescent lamp based Virtual proofStation has been replaced by the allnew LED Virtual proofStation, which is perfect suitable for soft proofing workflow. The new color matching station comes with new dimmable LED based color proofing light with the calibrated light sources D50 and D65 (CIE).

Of course, the station was also included in Fogras recent Colour Management Café “Colour matching with LED and soft proof” on 8th of November 2017.

Photo Froga & JUST Normlicht

2017 July // JUST News.

JUST Normlicht receives PIA InterTech Technology Award

JUST Normlicht proudly announces receiving the 2017 Printing Industries of America InterTech™ Technology Award for its JUST LED moduLight – Dual Illuminant D50/D65 family of ISO 3664 compliant viewing products. The award, begun in 1978, honors innovative and commercially proven technologies predicted to have a major impact on the graphic arts and related industries.

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The JUST products are the first color viewing lights to receive the prestigious award and the only ISO 3664:2009 complaint LED based products in the market today. Configurable with either symmetrical or asymmetrical light distributions, a wide variety of products sizes and styles include tabletop viewers, viewing booths, viewing walls and complete harmony rooms.

Providing the closest conformance to the CIE D50 and D65 illuminants available today, the JUST LED moduLight – Dual Illuminant D50/D65 product family includes a host of unique features such as instant switching, UV inclusion/exclusion, and digital dimming for soft proofing. With a guaranteed 50,000 hour lamp lifetime, maintenance and annual tube changes are eliminated.

Many thanks to the PIA jury for getting this award which is really an honor to us.

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Logo InterTech Award

2017 June // JUST News.

JUST Normlicht wins EDP Award 2017

Since 10 years, the European Digital Press Association (EDP) honors outstanding product developments and technologies for the printing industry. The jury of 20 experts representing Europe’s 20 leading trade magazines get together to judge the latest technological developments in different categories like Printing Systems & Solutions, Finishing and Consumables.

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The new JUST Normlicht LED proofStation 20 SP wins the EDP-Award in the category „Special Solution“. The LED-based color viewing station for visual color evaluation of proofs and prints doesn’t need fluorescent lamps anymore and annual relamping. The switchable light between D50 and D65 according to ISO 3664 and ISO 3668 is impressive to the jury. The jury praise the LED proofStation 20 SP as “Great solution not only for digital printers. It is flexible in terms of standardization aspects and light which will be more and more important as well for digital printing in all the different applications“.

We are grateful to the EDP jury for their esteem to our product development and company.

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Logo EDP-Award

2017 June // Trade Show Report

Looking Back:
JUST Normlicht at interzum 2017

After four days, a very interesting interzum show draw to a close. The products on display ranged from fittings, surfaces and decors to textiles, glass and lighting all the way through to innovative materials. We were one of the 1,732 international exhibitors and presented color matching solutions for just this kind of colored substrates and surfaces.

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For those who were interested in the color assessment of decors and edgebands, we presented our standardized light booths for visual color matching. The color viewing box with up to five illuminants (D50, D65, TL84, A, UV-A) provides standardized viewing conditions in terms of light quality and viewing environment.

We also introduced our new LED-based color matching luminaire – JUST LED moduLight (Pat. No. US 8,592,748 B2). Visitors were able to switch between the standard illuminant D50 for visual color assessment according to ISO 3664 and D65 for color matching to ISO 3668 as well as turn on/off UV radiation by a push of a button to detect substrates with OBA (optical brightening agents).

Exhibition stand Interzum 2017

We would like to thank all visitors for the numerous discussions at our booth about standardized lighting and look forward to a reunion at interzum 2019.

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Interzum 2017 Koelnmesse GmbH, Photo: Harald Fleissner

Photo: Koelnmesse GmbH, Harald Fleissner

2017 May // Trade Show Report

Looking Back:
JUST Normlicht with ECI at ExpoGrafica

EXPOGRAFICA 2017 marked JUST’s introduction of the lastest LED viewing products into the Latin America markets. With over 256 exhibitors, 231,000 square feet of exhibit space and estimated 20,000 attendees, the show is the largest in Latin America, held in Guadalajara this year.

JUST products were presented at both Delta E Cero and ECI Color Consulting who demonstrated both the new LED Tabletop 3B viewer and the LED moduLight 2-1200 color critical viewing solutions, both which exceed the requirements of the strict ISO 3664 and ISO 3668 specifications. The response was particularly strong from flexographic, offset and digital printers focus on packaging and consumer goods.

2016 November // Trade Show Report

Looking Back:
JUST Normlicht at K 2016

Since the last event three years ago, the plastics and rubber industries welcomed a wide range of innovations from JUST in the field of visual color viewing. Over 230,000 show visitors assessed the lastest in products and technologies for the assessment of colored plastics and surfaces, including both conventional fluorescent lamp and new LED-based systems (Pat. No. US 8,592,748 B2).

Find out more »

Experts in quality assurance, R&D, retailers and marketers alike, appreciated the wide range of solutions configurable to any viewing environment. While portable viewers appealed to mobile workers, the revised Color Control Center multiLight, a complete “visual assessment room-in-a -box“ was a real eye-catcher, allowing controlled assessments of large colored plastic substrates to industrial standards as ISO 3668, DIN 6173-2 and VDA part 8B/8C.

Many visitors were impressed with how readily metameric colored substrates could be identified while switching among different illuminants of the Color Control Center (D50, D65 and A). Metameric colors, ones that appear color-balanced with one illuminant but different with an other illuminant, are particularly problematic in the plastics and rubber industries.

Thank you to all visitors for the positive discussions at our booth. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

booth design just-normlicht K 2016


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trade show report K 2016

Photo: Messe Düsseldorf, Constanze Tillmann

2016 October // JUST news.

Fogra and JUST – a strong link

Since 2001, JUST Normlicht has been working side-by-side with the Fogra Forschungsgesellschaft Druck e.V. in the development of color communication standards. Fogra now honors JUST Normlicht for 15 years of partnership.

"The certificate can mean only a small gesture that honors your commitment to the collective research," says Dr. Eduard Neufeld, Fogra Managing Director and head of the institute. JUST is proud to contribute our expertise in color and appearance for standardized print workflows, and we look forward to continuing the successful collaboration. Color viewing devices from JUST are Fogra certified to meet the ISO 3664:2009.

Logo Fogra Forschungsgesellschaft Druck e.V.


2016 September // Trade Show Report

Looking Back:
JUST Normlicht at Labelexpo Americas 2016

Representing a full range of label applications using wide and narrow web flexo and a plethora of digital technologies, attendees from US, Canada, Latin America, and as far as India and Japan were eager to learn how JUST could help improve their color critical viewing conditions and exceed requirements for ISO compliance.

Find out more »

Our Americas division presented a full line of JUST products for the label market, including the first presentation of new JUST LED technology in the Americas. Launched at DRUPA this year, the new LED proofStation 20 (Pat. No. US 8,592,748 B2) was well received, as attendees noted its versatility with both D65 and D50 light sources, lifespan of 10,000 hour and ISO 3664:2009 compliance. They were surprise to learn all these capabilities are provided at nearly the same price as traditional fluorescent viewing lights.

We also demonstrated the new JUST LED lamp SL-T5 II 950 proGraphic with high CRI for generalized lighting in the pressroom and other production areas where light quality is important, showing solutions with performance significantly superior to inferior retrofit lamps are here today.

Also of great interest were JUST’s multiple light source solutions „Color Viewing Light“, allowing visualization of how products are used in the end-customer’s environment, as well as inspection of UV coatings and adhesives. More advanced customers appreciated the ease of measuring lighting conditions using the GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch spectrometer, produced by our GL Optic division.

Many thanks to visitors and numerous discussions about standardized lighting.

Just booth LabelExpo Americas


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2016 July // JUST news.

Researching a viewing device has improved!

For sure you already noticed: a lot of things have changed on our web site! Both the design and the content have been completely revised, making it easier than ever for you to find a suitable standardized-light solution.

Find out more »

Alongside items concerning the latest Trade shows, New Product presentations, or the FAQs section, the site offers you lots of useful information about color matching technology and the interaction of Light and Color. The product range is presented in the restructured Online Shop, where just three clicks and some helpful text modules are all it takes to guide you to the appropriate product group. Icons and images illustrate equipment functions and features at a glance. If you are still not sure when looking for a product just turn to the Product Finder Tool for help. the way: no matter if you're using your laptop, tablet PC or smartphone the content will look great on every device, thanks to the responsive design of the web layout.

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Website Relaunch just-normlicht

2016 June  // Trade Show Report

Looking Back:
JUST Normlicht at drupa 2016

Over 260,000 visitors from 188 countries converged in Düsseldorf Germany to see and learn about new products and developments in the printing industry. For JUST customers and visitors, visual color control and assessments to ISO 12647-2:2013 with LED lighting (Pat. No. US 8,592,748 B2) were paramount.

2016 May // Color Matching Solutions

"The Missing Link"
Print. Measure. See. To ISO 12647-2:2013

Following adoption of the new standard ISO 12647-2:2013 for a standardized offset printing process, the prerequisites for its practical implementation have now been fulfilled.

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In the form of FOGRA51 for coated papers with moderate fluorescence, and FOGRA52 for uncoated papers with high fluorescence, characterization data for offset printing are now available with corresponding ICC and Device-Link profiles. The definition of measuring condition M1 in ISO 13655:2009, the standard for spectral measurement and colorimetrical computations, created a further important prerequisite. With illuminant D50, measuring condition M1 is based on a higher UV component, this being necessary for measuring papers containing optical brighteners.

The updated ISO 3664:2009 is an important standard in connection with the practical implementation of ISO 12647-2:2013 for standardized printing with papers containing brighteners. The standard for visual color matching is of essential importance in this context. The requirements of ISO 3664:2009 regarding a limited metamerism index in the UV range, and the closer adaptation of the UV component in the spectrum to daylight, have already been met by the JUST daylight 5000 proGraphic fluorescent lamps from JUST Normlicht since 2010. As a result, all JUST Normlicht devices comply with ISO 3664:2009, meaning that, in combination with an M1-compatible hand-held measuring instrument, what you now see really is what was actually measured beforehand. Consequently, there is no longer anything to stand in the way of standard-compliant color matching in accordance with the new process standard.

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