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Technical Support – FAQ

Do you need technical assistance when putting JUST products into service, or do you have questions about your JUST Normlicht device? We're more than willing to help! You can use our FAQs area to find answers to the most common questions and problem descriptions.

Problem Descriptions

My lamp doesn't work.

Two fluorescent lamps have failed at once.

No USB connection to the device is made following a change of PC.

The last brightness value set is not retained when powering up the lamp (dimmable lamps with SPcontrol).

Old fluorescent lamps flicker.

New fluorescent lamps flicker.

The SPcontrol display remains dark.

Fluorescent materials containing optical brightening agents (OBAs) are not visible under the light source.

One of my fluorescent lamps has broken – what should I do?

Starting of fluorescent lamps is very slow.

Questions on Standardized Viewing Devices

Can I fit new, UV-transmissive lenses on my devices with non-UV-transmissive lenses?

Do new fluorescent lamps have to be "run in"?

Do JUST color proof lights need a warm-up phase?

How do I replace fluorescent lamps?

How do I determine whether my lamp emits a higher UV component, or whether the lens is UV-transmissive?

What cap do fluorescent lamps from JUST have?

Can I replace my T5 fluorescent lamps with lamps from JUST Normlicht?

When do I have to replace my fluorescent lamps?

How is the recommended service life of 2,500 hours calculated for JUST fluorescent lamps?

What's the difference between a CB (conventional ballast) and an EB (electronic ballast)?

Where are the model and serial numbers for my product?

How do I reset the operation hours meter?

Do I have to relamp all fluorescent lamps when one lamp is broken?

SAFETY & health

Which risk group do JUST Normlicht lighting devices belong to?

Can pregnant or breastfeeding women use the lighting devices fro JUST Normicht?


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