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2024 June // Trade Show Report

After 8 years, the gates to the world's largest trade fair for print and media technologies in Düsseldorf were reopened, welcoming 170,000 professionals from 174 countries over 11 days. From May 28 to June 7, Just presented its latest innovations, offering visitors a fascinating glimpse into the future of color matching. Among the new products showcased were the new LED Desktop Viewers, DLS Color Viewing booths, DLS Color poofing lights, and various DLS Color Viewing Stations.

For over 40 years, JUST Normlicht GmbH has set standards in the field of standardized light solutions and is known for quality and innovation. The patented LED solution "Digital Light Systems" (DLS), which exceeds ISO standards 3664 and 3668, was particularly highlighted as setting new benchmarks.

Visitors to the Just booth could learn about various exciting topics:

1. Ban on Fluorescent Lamps: With the upcoming sales ban on mercury-containing fluorescent lamps from February 24, 2025, JUST presented the DLS technology as an ideal LED-based alternative for color comparison. The economic benefits and savings from the elimination of warm-up phases and tube replacements were thoroughly explained.

2. DLS Upgrade Systems: JUST offers existing customers the opportunity to upgrade their current devices with a DLS Upgrade to benefit from the new technology without needing to purchase a completely new station.

3. DLS Retrofit Systems: These systems were developed to modernize color viewing stations or print consoles from third-party suppliers with the latest LED technology, saving both resources and costs.

4. Why LED Tubes Are Not Enough: Our experts explained why conventional LED tubes as replacements for fluorescent lamps do not meet the requirements of standard light technology and why DLS solutions are the optimal choice.

5. Revision of ISO 3664: Information on the innovations of the revised ISO 3664 and their impact on the industry was discussed with involved parties and interested individuals.

6. LED-Lab: In the JUST LED-Lab, visitors could learn about the various applications for light evaluation and calibration of the DLS solutions.

The participation in drupa 2024 was a great success for JUST Normlicht GmbH, with numerous conversations offering great potential for future projects. We thank all visitors who stopped by our booth and look forward to seeing you again in 2028.