DLS Upgrade System


Reliable critical color decisions with excellent spectral characteristics of the new JUST DLS moduLight. This luminaire has a more harmonious and complete light spectrum than even our ISO-spec fluorescent lamps. The result is natural color representation – consistent for years, without annual relamping!
The DLS Upgrade System is available for a variety of color matching stations. The DLS Upgrade System consists of the original JUST DLS moduLight lamp including mounting. With a few simple steps you can upgrade your existing color proofing station.

  • Switchable light: D50 and D65 according to ISO 3664 and ISO 3668
  • UV content can be enabled or disabled for either illuminant regarding new and old ISO standard
  • UV-ONLY: UV-A for the detection of optical brighteners
  • Continuously dimming and USB connection for soft proofing applications
  • No color shifts while dimming
  • No preheating after turning on
  • Annual relamping not required
  • 20x longer operating life despite to fluorescent lamps (> 50.000 h)
  • Stable light output during the entire lifespan
  • Extremely homogeneous as well as glare- and reflection-free illumination, thanks to Fresnel-type prismatic lens
  • Including mounting materials to attach the new LED System to the old proofing station
  • 2000 lux illuminance according to ISO standard
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) Ra ≥ 95 Exact color coordinates (10°):
    D50: x = 0.3478 / y = 0.3595 (≤ 0,002)
    D65: x = 0.3138 / y = 0.3309 (≤ 0,002)
  • Low metamerism index in the visible range: ≤ 0,8 (MIvis)
  • Low metamerism index in the UV range: ≤ 0,6 (MIuv)
  • Pat. No. US 8,592,748 B2
  • Available for Color proofStations, Virtual proofStations and proofStation 20 or 22 (SP) built from 2004.

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    Illuminant characteristics

  • Asymmetrical light design for viewing from one side (fixed viewing position)

  • Almost no reflection and glare

  • Switch off UV content for assessment to old ISO 3664

  • Noon daylight (LED 5000 K, D50 CIE)

  • Average daylight from the northern sky (LED 6500 K, D65 CIE)

  • UV-Only (UV-A)


  • USB interface for connection to PC

  • Illuminants are dimmable


  • For particularly large and flat viewing samples

  • Fit for soft proofing – Device brightness can be adapted to monitor brightness (for SP)


DLS Upgrade Color proofStation 7B - US

DLS Upgrade Color proofStation 7B - US


Illumination area (W x D): 63'' x 47''

Price on request

DLS Upgrade proofStation 40 - US

DLS Upgrade proofStation 40 - US


Illumination area (W x D): 40" x 28"

Price on request